Bayside Climate Change Action Group

BCCAG Monthly Meeting for April 2014
Cait Jones, Community Campaigner,

Public Transport Users Association

7.30pm Tuesday 29 April 2014
Sandringham Uniting Church
21 Trentham Street, Sandringham MAP

Cait Jones is a community campaigner with the Public Transport Users Association. Cait is one of the drivers behind Public Transport Not Traffic, a powerful new campaign that brings together a range of community organisations demanding sustainable transport alternatives. Cait's current work and professional background in community organising emphasises deliberative democratic methods that facilitate and grow epistemic communities through community empowerment.

As a researcher Cait has had opportunities to work with government agencies on investigations into the renewal of public land for improved community wellbeing. This has included research publications on; the contribution of public land to Melbourne's liveability; as well as, how pedestrian infrastructure effects access and mobility. Cait's current research is focused on locational transport disadvantage in Melbourne.

Fifth IPPC Report - Released April 2014

Our mission is to put climate change on the national agenda and to make sure our response is based on the best science available. So when the most trusted and authoritative climate science body in the world - the IPCC - released its latest report, the Climate Council created the above video to help our scientists get the message out.

Climate Councillor Prof Lesley Hughes is a lead author on the latest IPCC Report. She has created a summary of the key findings relevant to Australia and is available HERE.

The full IPCC Report was released on 30 March 2014. By the 1 April 2014 Australian reporters had written the following commentaries. This article by George Monbiot explains the report via a powerful metaphor and is highly recommended.

GetUp! are asking if you have signed this open letter to our leaders?

Gas Market Taskforce Report on Fracking in Victoria

The Victorian Government's Gas Market Taskforce are asking for any feedback you may have about the Gas Market Taskforce Report. Your feedback is important for them to understand any concerns, suggestions or ideas arising from this report. Provide your feedback HERE.

Below is one person's reply.

Dear Gas Market Taskforce,

Allowing a Victorian gas rush would be financially (burden us with stranded assets) and environmentally disastrous.

Increasing (and horrifying) evidence from gas-affected communities in USA is emerging to suggest that gas may in fact be even more environmentally destructive than coal. Extracting gas requires enormous amounts of fresh water and the environmental and health affects of ‘fracking’ include scarred landscapes and contaminated ground water from migrating gases and chemicals. Meanwhile, fugitive methane emissions from gas, which are difficult to quantify, are at least 72 times, and possibly 105 times, more potent than CO2 when in the atmosphere.

Pursuing gas is a dangerous distraction from shifting Victoria to a zero emission energy system relying on locally sourced renewable energy, with efficient storage and energy distribution capacities.

It's time to look after the interests of Victorians (i.e. our capacity to safely grow food) instead of entrenched fossil fuel interests determined to profit from exploiting and destroying our precious natural assets.

Thank you for your attention to this submission.

Provide your feedback HERE.


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